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Here at Traffic Safety, we take pride in our adherence to rigorous standards and high expectations of excellence in all that we do. Our approach to traffic control drawings is no different. Over the years, we've served top construction companies throughout the state of Georgia, providing superior Temporary Traffic Control Plans (TTCPs) for a variety of major construction projects.

Our designers and engineers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, providing detail-oriented designs that comply with all relevant government regulations. When developing a TTCP, we prioritize the safety of all involved, from the members of your crew to the general public. Our team creates TTCPs for permitting, site-specific, and typical/reference applications. Just let us know what you need.

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Transportation Management Plans

In addition to TTCPs, our company is proud to create the Transportation Management Plans (TMPs) you need to execute projects safely and efficiently. This type of plan is necessary for projects that will directly affect the public on the road. We consider all the factors at play, including transportation operations, the communication of information to the public, temporary traffic control, and incident management strategies. Trust us to look after every aspect of your TMP, so you don't have to worry.

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Traffic Studies

In order to demonstrate the necessity of construction projects that may be restricted by the government, it is often essential to conduct traffic studies. The expert team at Traffic Safety will conduct these studies for you, using advanced, up-to-date methods to deliver compliant, accurate traffic data. We provide detailed analyses and in-depth reports for studies on traffic volume, spot speed, and the effectiveness of traffic control. Reach out to us today for additional information.

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