Traffic Pacing

Controlling Traffic Carefully and Securely

The inherent complexity of traffic makes it difficult to control. In fluid traffic situations, it’s essential to account for a large number of factors while using the proper equipment for the job. That’s why Traffic Safety is an excellent choice when it comes to traffic control and protection.

Our company specializes in temporary traffic control for construction sites, major events, filming locations, and more. We deploy our teams quickly to provide a comprehensive range of services.

Count on us to direct and control traffic at signals, provide mobile operation escorts, and assist with speed patrols at work sites. Additionally, we ensure the safety of work crews and help with line crossings, roadblocks, and rolling roadblocks on all major highways.


Contact Us For Your Next Event:

  • Directing traffic
  • Traffic control
  • Traffic control at signals
  • Using traffic control devices such as police cruiser
  • Mobile operation escorts
  • Line crossings, roadblocks and rolling roadblocks on all major highways
  • Speed patrols at work zones
  • Ensuring safety and security of work crews

Handling Complex Traffic Situations

During major events, heavy traffic often blocks arterial roads leading to and from event sites. Police deployments may be limited by the number of available personnel and other factors. That’s where our team comes in.

Our highly trained team members put their extensive traffic control experience and knowledge of safety equipment to use providing you with secure, thorough traffic services. Working directly with law enforcement, we alleviate traffic jams and help drivers work their way through traffic safely and efficiently.

A Traffic Control Team You Can Count On

The difficulties inherent to managing complicated traffic situations mean hiring the right traffic company is essential. When you turn to us, we’ll demonstrate our expertise through careful service and an unwavering focus on safety.

From the equipment we use to the safety standards we follow, every aspect of our operation demonstrates our experience and commitment to excellence. You don’t have to sacrifice security and traffic efficiency at your next event. Contact us today to learn more about our many options for controlling traffic.

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