Traffic Pacing

Traffic safety GA offers effective traffic control and protection services in collaboration with the local law enforcement agencies of the state. We provide this special police service to our clients in Georgia for temporary traffic control at construction sites and also during big events that impact the usual flow of traffic on the road. Our traffic control and protection units can be deployed quickly in case of unforeseen accidents to maintain the safety of all involved.


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  • Directing traffic
  • Traffic control
  • Traffic control at signals
  • Using traffic control devices such as police cruiser
  • Mobile operation escorts
  • Line crossings, roadblocks and rolling roadblocks on all major highways
  • Speed patrols at work zones
  • Ensuring safety and security of work crews

Traffic control and protection is usually handled by the law enforcement agencies, however, we have the license to collaborate with the local police on such special assignments. Oftentimes, our professionals are seen controlling traffic near the construction sites of our clients. All of our team members are highly trained in traffic control and use of various devices and they consistently deliver a high level of safe and secure service to all of our customers.


Sometimes during big events, arterial roads to and from the venue get blocked due to an abundance of heavy traffic. This often leads to confusion and traffic snarls as the police can’t deploy adequate number of personnel to control the traffic. Our team then steps in to collaborate with law enforcement and work where they are needed to alleviate the jam and get the flow of traffic back to manageable levels. We always work out a careful and specific traffic control plan to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.


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