3 Brilliant Ideas to Teach Road Safety to Kids During the Summer

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Are you looking for ways to teach road safety to your children, but don’t know where to start? We believe the best kind of activities offer teachable moments and or valuable lessons. Look no further for suggestions as Traffic Safety GA are experts in road safety for pedestrians and motorists. We have four creative ideas to enhance you and your child’s experience this summer while making it fun and educational. Read on for four ideas to teach road safety to kids during the Summer.

  1. Create a local roadmap.

Design your neighborhood on paper in the best way. Buy paper that stretches in length, preferably that is sold on a roller and go to town drawing and coloring your neighborhood, a street light, and a lighted stop sign, etc. Emphasize the significance of road safety and how important it is to become familiar with the roads. Discuss how they should conduct themselves on the road while you’re away.

  1. Create a game.

On a large sheet of paper draw a major street, preferably in your community. The idea is to make sure they are able to recognize the major street your home is located on. Next, draw the crossing street and include a lighted stop sign. On a separate sheet of paper have your child draw him or herself and on a thicker sheet of paper and cut it out. Take turns crossing the street and change the lighted stop sign to the respective colors. Test your child’s knowledge by changing the scenario to see how they respond, correct him or her as needed.

  1. Roleplay with a safety uniform.

This is our favorite out of all the suggestions. Have your child draw a road construction worker with a safety uniform to teach who to look for on the road when there is road construction. Your child will love to role play which can create a great teachable moment they won’t forget.


We believe children learn best from first-hand experiences. Did you know Traffic Safety GA has the best safety uniform available for companies in business that needs traffic control supplies? Call us today at (404) 609-1181, as we are experts in road compliance and safety.