Event Planning and Using a Traffic Control Services Company in Georgia

traffic safety

Summer is the most popular event season for Georgia and with an increase of events comes the inevitable need for traffic control services.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has rules and regulations set in place to keep drivers and pedestrians safe during public events. Executing a successful event doesn’t have to be complicated and costly. Read on to learn more about how to plan traffic control for events in Georgia.

1. Plan in Advance

It’s important to plan well in advance for events that require traffic control services. This is especially true if your event is in or near the metropolis city of Atlanta. Traffic control drawing must be mapped and you must receive the approval of your city or county official before your event can take place. This approval process takes time. If it is not requested adequately in advance, it can seriously affect and jeopardize your event, thus resulting in costly cancellations or rescheduling. Our team at Traffic Safety GA specializes in traffic control services and will help your event director meet the necessary safety requirements.

2. Reserve The Equipment You Need

The increase in summer events can create shortages of event safety equipment. Make your reservations 3 to 4 months in advance before your event. This will ensure that you have all of the required signage and staff necessary for executing traffic control services. Waiting until the last minute can cause added stress for your event director, so it’s best to prioritize your planning.

3. Choose a Professional Traffic Control Specialist

The level of traffic control can vastly affect the perception of your event to your attendees either negatively or positively. Having organized and well-executed traffic control services will allow your guests to quickly and safely enter and exit your event. A seamless entrance and exit is crucial, which is why you need to hire one of our experienced traffic control specialists here at Traffic Safety GA.


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