3 Facts About GDOT Traffic Control Standards

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If your construction company will be carrying out construction or maintenance in Georgia that will require roadside workers and possible hazardous roadway conditions, there are rules your company must follow to be in compliance with the Georgia law. Read on to learn the facts about the Georgia Department of Transportation traffic control standards.

  1. Submit Required Plans

As a contracted construction company, it is required that a detailed plan with a proposal for traffic control be submitted to your Project Engineer, prior to any construction. As a contractor, your primary responsibility is to create safe passages for pedestrians and vehicles through the work zones. At Georgia Traffic Safety, we make planning a breeze because we specialize in traffic control services.

  1. Hire A Qualified Worksite Traffic Control Supervisor (WTCS)

Contracted construction companies also have the responsibility of selecting qualified personnel to fulfill the position of WTCS. The WTCS is responsible for installing and maintaining all traffic control devices in accordance with the plans, specifications, and the Manuals of the Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

At Georgia Traffic Safety, we offer a WTCS as part of our traffic control services. We provide personnel who are appropriately trained in safe traffic control practices that are in accordance with Part VI of the MUTCD. We ensure that all traffic control devices are effective and comply with the approved traffic control plan. We exercise the full authority to act on behalf of the contractor in administering the traffic control plan. Our WTCS can be available on a 24-hour basis and will respond effectively to any emergency within 45 minutes of notification. We also supervise the installation of traffic control devices before construction and review any modifications to the traffic control plan before submission to the Project Engineer.

  1. Use of MUTCD Compliant Equipment

In addition to offering planning and the WTCS as traffic control services, we specialize in providing MUTCD compliant equipment and meeting the signage requirements for the reduction of speed limits in work zones. Our traffic control services use the best equipment for lane and road closures, detour design set-up, advanced warning sign installation, and flagging operations.

For more information on ensuring that your worksite is compliant with Georgia law and GDOT contact our team at Georgia Traffic Safety.