3 Checklist Items Event Planners Usually Forget

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Have you ever left the house in such a rush and as you were driving and thought you forgot something? This is the feeling an event planner can have days leading up to an event. What an uncomfortable feeling to have before such a big day. At Traffic Safety GA, we have two decades of experience under our belt. We no longer experience the feeling of forgetting something, we’ve been there and done that. Hire a team that is experienced and able to check everything off your list to reduce the stress right before the event. A traffic flagger or traffic and safety signs can make such a huge difference to your event. Read on for three checklist items event planners usually forget about it.

Review the checklist.

Event planners are great in the beginning stages of using a checklist. They are diligent in making sure they have the right key players involved and have several meetings to tie up any loose ends. Occasionally referring to the checklist in the finalization period is usually looked over, which can cause some issues on the day of the event. During the planning process, components of the event may change which can distract a planner from reviewing the original checklist they started with. Don’t make the same mistake and use us for a traffic flagger or adding traffic safety signs. We are happy to take some tasks off your plate.

Do a final walk through.

Are you missing some traffic and safety signs or can use a traffic flagger at the entrance for a smoother event? It is very important to conduct a final walk-through after the planning has been finalized. Even if some key people can’t make the walk-through, you will have a sense of what is missing or if something needs to be changed. Each person involved should make an attempt to attend to perfect their role on the big day. Take a pen and paper, make notes as you walk through and report to each leader of his or her piece in the project what needs to be changed.

Update the agenda or itinerary.

After the final walk-through, you may have some changes in the times on your agenda. Don’t forget to make the corrections on the platforms necessary for everyone to receive the update. That means guests and your team should be notified. Often times the paper agenda may be updated, but the staff working the event didn’t receive the update which can throw a wrench in your months of hard work and planning.


For more support on the day of your big event, check our website at trafficsafetyga.com. We can provide a traffic flagger to help with your stressful day or provide a list of what you will need regarding traffic safety to assist you in orchestrating a fantastic event.