3 Reasons Churches Need Event Safety Services

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December is the month that churches welcome several hundreds of visitors for Christmas and New Year’s Eve services.

Keeping guests safe is a priority which means it should begin as soon as guests arrive on the premises of the church. Read on to learn three reasons why churches need event safety services.

  1. Keeps Pedestrians Safe

Pedestrians are vulnerable in walkways that double as roads. Events that include elders and small children need event safety services to ensure that pedestrians and drivers can safely share the roads. At Traffic Safety GA, we recommend that churches designate and use signage. This will ensure that pedestrians use a designated walkway for crossing and that this walkway is monitored with a cross guard.

  1. Creates a System for Entry and Exit

Your church parking lot may use multiple entry points for normal Sunday services. For larger events, cones should be used to block off entries and create a system for entry and exit. The goal of the system is to ensure that cars can smoothly transition without creating unnecessary traffic. Traffic Safety GA specializes in helping with traffic control planning and can create a plan for effective entry and exit for your church’s holiday events.

  1. Maintains Safe Speeds

High speeds are often seen in event parking lots when late visitors arrive. While we understand that finding a great seat for holiday services is important, we value safety first which is why we offer event safety services such as speed control. In our years of experience, we have found that drivers respect speed limits when they are notified well before reaching the safety zone. Simply use flagging operations to slow drivers down before they reach the church parking lot.


Your holiday event can be safer when you plan with Traffic Safety GA. Contact our team to today to learn more about our event safety services.