3 Reasons Why Atlanta, Georgia Needs More Traffic Control Services

traffic safety

We are all familiar with traffic especially if you live in Atlanta GA.

This city is known to have one of the worst traffic problems in the country. Rush hour gets worse every year. Drivers often spend countless hours staring at the bumper in front of them on their way to work. This problem is made worse by the reduced use of traffic control. Every year thousands of Georgians are severely injured or killed in auto vehicle accidents. Among these are accidents that could have been prevented with the proper use of traffic safety. There are many improvements that should be invested in to prevent this problem. Here are a few ways fatal auto accidents can be avoided in our most precious town known as Atlanta, Georgia.

Advanced Warning Sign Installations

These are signs that provide drivers with proper warnings and indicate that there is a potential hazard, obstacle or condition requiring special attention ahead. More installations of signs like these will give drivers more time to appropriately address the problem ahead of them.

The Use of More Innovative Traffic Signals

Some states are adapting to using smarter traffic signals by using V2I technology. This technology provides the city with more feedback to improve the timing of traffic signals on lights. By having a better idea of the traffic flow, the city will be able to make better use of traffic lights.

Tracking Pedestrian Traffic

If this town made better use of tracking pedestrian traffic, there would be fewer accidents involving auto vehicles and pedestrians. This forward thinking would cut the fatal pedestrian accidents down dramatically. The V2I technology should also be used to account for the amount of pedestrian activity happening on any given day. This would enable the city to re-route vehicle traffic during times when pedestrian traffic is heavy.


It is important for us to make these changes in our city so that we can get around in an orderly manner. These changes would move Atlanta GA from being among one of the worst traffic cities to be one of the world's newest and most innovative traffic controlled states.