3 Ways Traffic Control Services Make College Graduations Safer

traffic safety

December graduation season is here.

College students from all over the nation will be walking across the stage this winter, and family and friends will be flocking to colosseums to witness. Traffic control helps to make college graduations safer in the winter and the spring. Read on to learn how.

  1. Pedestrian Safety

Before students walk across the stage, their families make the trek to the event hall. For most universities and colleges, the stadium or Colosseum where the graduation is held is a typically a great distance from the parking lot. Cones are an important part of traffic control services that can be an added layer of protection for the pedestrians that are attending the graduation. Traffic control services ensure that guests walk on crosswalks and avoid collisions with cars.

  1. Speed Control

Large graduations are exciting for attendees but can cause frustrating traffic delays for those who commute near the venue. Ensuring drivers maintain speed control is important to the overall safety of the event. Advanced signaling can help commuters be informed so they can avoid traffic delays near the areas of the graduation. Traffic control methods such as cones and flagging operations can help ensure slow speeds are maintained near the event venue.

  1. Parking Compliance

Ensuring parking compliance can help attendees avoid costly tows and parking tickets. Most graduation venues provide parking lots for attendees, but these lots can be a short distance away from the event. To save time and energy, attendees may opt for closer more costly parking. By using Traffic Safety GA services, attendees can be well informed about designated parking areas and avoid mistakenly parking in expensive tow zones.


You can count on Traffic Safety GA for all your traffic control needs for winter and spring graduation season. Give us a call to learn more about our customized services.