4 Major Facts You Need to Know about Bicycle Safety

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Did you know that May is Bicycle Safety Month? There will be an increase in cyclists this month and for months to come because of the warm weather approaching. Traffic Safety GA wants to ensure you’re equipped with up to date safety tips on riding a bicycle on major roads and bicycle lanes in your communities. We are invested in the safety of our customers. Continue reading for four major facts you need to know about bicycle safety.

Wear a helmet.

The number one important rule is to wear a helmet. There can be major repercussions for not wearing a helmet that can lead to a major injury. Riding without a helmet is not worth the risk. Visit our website at trafficsafetyga.com for traffic safety supply ideas for your local community and businesses. Refer them to us, we can help keep your communities stay safe and minimize accidents with the right equipment and signage.

Create your own lane.

Creating a bicycle lane for children on your property can be a great way to teach them how to cycle safely. We have a large traffic safety supply ready for you to start on your summer project. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and have some fun in the sun with your children while being a little creative in the process. Check out our traffic cones online for more information.

Bicycle businesses

If you own a bicycle shop and you’re looking for supplies, try our business. Traffic Safety GA has the supplies you need to enhance your service and keep your customers coming back. We have all the necessary equipment for road safety. If you’re in need of ordering traffic cones online, we are here to assist. Call us today.

Cycle in safe areas.

Try to cycle in less congested traffic areas if possible. For example, cycling during rush hour on a major road wouldn’t be the best idea. People are usually in a hurry and an accident can occur. During busy hours try to find a local park in your community that has a path for cyclists.


We are the number one traffic safety supply company our customers and communities can count on. We hope this information was useful, call us today at (404) 609-1181 for more questions on how we can assist you in doing more of what you love in a safe manner.