4 Tips for Your Guests Who Plan to Use a Ride Sharing Service

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Did you know road safety not only includes motorists and pedestrians but also vehicle passengers? Are you planning an event that will involve many of your guests using ride-sharing services, such as Uber or Lyft? Ride-sharing services are extremely common in our society, but sometimes it can get overwhelming riding with a stranger. Traffic Safety GA has some amazing tips for keeping your guests safe while in route to your event. Read on for four tips to advise your guests who plan to catch a ride with a sharing service.

Confirm their destination.

It is important to confirm the driver has the correct information, even if the destination was entered prior to receiving a ride. Confirming the destination quickly before proceeding can save the passenger time and energy, in case there is a mistake of going to the incorrect place. At Traffic Safety GA, we believe road safety is a number one priority when hosting events. Call us today for a consultation on how we can partner with you to keep your guests safe.

Pay attention to the road.

Most passengers scroll through their social media accounts while being driven in the car. While this is a normal practice for many, it may not be a wise decision. Advise your patrons to be a second eye for the driver by keeping watch of the traffic and safety signs while driving in the back seat. The driver could accidentally miss something causing an accident that could’ve been avoided if there were a second set of eyes looking at the road.

Give more information.

Be sure to give the driver extra details about the destination to avoid any errors while driving. For example, there may be traffic and safety signs referring to the event the driver needs to be aware of for guests to arrive promptly. Ask the driver to drop off at the location that is easiest.

Traffic Flagger.

Inform your guests of any traffic flagger support that will be in attendance to flag vehicles on and off the property during the event. Your guests will need to inform their Uber or Lyft driver of any extra detail that will assist in them arriving safely and on time. Road safety is our expertise and we want your guests to be comfortable and safe. Our traffic flagger team are experts in taking care of patrons and have been doing so for many years.


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