4 Types of Channelizers That Can Help Your Business

traffic safety

Channelizers are produced by traffic safety equipment manufacturers and are used to inform drivers and direct traffic through roadwork or away from hazardous working areas.

There are many different types of channelizers which we will get into more specifically as you read on. They usually have a rubber base and are bright orange in color with reflective sheeting. Continue reading for four great facts about channelizers and how they can help your business.

  1. Vertical Panels

These channelizers are smaller in size compared to some others. They are used when traffic is divided or there is a limited amount of room available. Some states may also require them for some projects. They are small in size which makes them easily mobile and ideal for storage. At Traffic Safety GA, we can help in obtaining the right equipment for your projects. Call us today to request a quote for how you can add vertical panels to your business.

  1. Channelizing Cones

These are cone-shaped and used during slower moving traffic areas. Traffic safety equipment manufacturers made the cones smaller for the purpose of moving them around quickly if needed. They also come in a range of sizes depending on the need. If you’re in need of channelizer cones we have a team of experts on standby to assist. We want our customers to depend on us for our expertise in traffic safety control. Our level of knowledge and customer service is what our customers can count on to get the job done.

  1. Delineators

These channelizers can be easily stored like the channelizer cones. They are also smaller in size. They are used for road work or hazardous areas like the others. Depending on the need these can work as great indicators to motorists. Call us today to request a quote for how you can add delineators to your construction project.

  1. Channelizer Drums

Channelizer drums are bigger in size and have a black round base. They are typically used for high-speed areas for road work or hazardous areas. They aren’t easily movable and will take up a significant amount of storage space.


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