4 Ways We Can Support Your July 4th Event This Year

traffic safety

Are you planning a July 4th event for this year? If you’re researching flagging companies to support the flow of traffic, such as a flagger, count on us. Did you know there was a team that can offer exceptional support with managing and directing the flow of traffic? A great event planner counts on others who can offer the best services and manage their portion of projects without any stress. Our customer’s safety is our number one priority. We consider ourselves experts for managing the safety of pedestrians and motorists. Traffic Safety GA wants to share four ways we can support your July 4th event this year.

We can provide a responsible and resourceful team.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned event planner, partnering with a resourceful team is essential to the success of your event. Can you image hiring a team that has no experience to manage one of the biggest events of the year? Don’t make the mistake for such a major event, by underestimating the importance of hiring a solid and responsible traffic safety company. Find us online and request a free consultation for your next big event.

We can provide a flagger or flaggers.

Will you have truck deliveries on the day of the event? Directing the delivery trucks to enter the property safely for the setup is a huge process and takes some serious planning.  We can help by providing a flagger at the entrance to check-in the delivery companies and direct them to the point of delivery. We recommend a separate entry for vendors and guests to minimize bottlenecks and accidents. We can create an action plan for your guests and companies offering services for the day, to properly manage and direct the incoming and outgoing traffic in a safe manner.

We can provide traffic equipment.

Managing a big event like a July 4th event is a major project that takes detailed planning. You will need signage, possibly traffic cones and barrels to block exits and control the flow of guests. Don’t worry about where to get the equipment, call GA Traffic Safety to handle the logistics.


Stop looking for flagging companies to manage your event. Call Traffic Safety GA at (404) 609-1181,  today to get you started on making plans to add a flagger to your event.