5 Cold Weather Road Construction Safety Tips

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As we experience cooler temperatures and the weather becomes less humid and more bearable in Atlanta, GA, it’s not uncommon for construction companies to get to work on our roads.

If your construction company has roadwork to do this winter, here are 5 cold weather road construction safety tips that can keep your job site accident free.

  1. Control the Flow of Traffic

Even if you're considering all the safety factors you can control when it comes to Atlanta roadways you can’t control drivers. Keeping your crew safe is your number one priority, which is why flagger operations and traffic pacing can be a great investment. Flagger operations help to ensure that the flow of traffic is maintained at a safe pace. This prevents drivers from speeding through a work zone and causing potential injuries.  

  1. Safety Equipment Checks

Workers can forget or become lax with safety equipment. Start the day and return from lunch breaks with mandatory safety equipment checks. This practice will help keep your team in the habit of working safely.  Checking for safety equipment also helps teammates create a sense of concern for the safety of fellow workers.

  1. Discourage Horseplay

Playing around is commonly seen as a way to pass time during routine tasks. There is great danger in horseplay as it can lead to serious injuries especially when done around equipment and machines. Discourage horseplay on the job site to avoid unnecessary injuries.

  1. Dress for The Weather

While Atlanta, GA rarely sees snows, early morning and late night temperatures can be quite chilling. Encourage your team to tune into the daily weather forecast to dress for the day’s weather. Wearing the right gloves, socks, and hats can help to make a cold work day more comfortable and bearable.

  1. Always Be Careful (ABC)

Job site accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Follow the ABC rule and always be careful.

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