5 Important Road Safety Tips for New Drivers

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Are you new behind the wheel and need some tips on how to stay safe while driving? Traffic Safety GA is fully invested in the safety of pedestrians and motorists. Rather we are directing traffic at an event or managing a project at a road construction site we want our drivers and pedestrians to be accident-free while carrying on with life. Read on for five important road safety tips for new drivers.

  1. Drive for others.

Did you know road safety starts with you? You can’t control how other people drive, but you can control your actions and be responsible for paying attention to the road. Stay alert and pay attention to the motorists driving around you. For example, if you notice a driver swerving in the lane next to you, we recommend you change lanes or fall behind in case of a collision.

  1. Keep your cell phone on silent.

There is no need to use your cell phone while driving. Avoid using your cell phone at all times while operating a vehicle, even at a lighted stop sign when it’s red. We understand it is very tempting to send a quick text before the light turns green, but it can cause major consequences to text and drive even if you are stopping for just a minute.

  1. Drive the speed limit.

Driving the speed limit is very important not just for avoiding an expensive ticket, but also for the safety of pedestrians. Pay attention to traffic cones and changes ahead in the road that indicates to slow down. Be attentive to road signs and changes in the speed limits.

  1. Follow the lighted stop sign.

Make sure to come to a complete stop when the light is red. Before passing the lighted stop sign after it turns green, look both ways before proceeding through the light. Be cautious of drivers who may potentially try to beat the red light and cause an accident.

  1. Road construction.

Usually, when traffic cones are visible it means that there is a road construction ahead. Be sure to slow down as it is a requirement to drive cautiously in road construction zones. If there are several traffic cones, keep your eyes on the road not to knock one down while driving pass.


At Traffic Safety GA, we care about our pedestrians and motorists and encourage our customers to strive for safety practices on the road. If you are wondering how we can help you or your business stay safe on the roads give us a call at (404) 609-1181 or visit trafficsafetyga for more information.