5 Types of Warning Signs used in Georgia

traffic safety

Warning signs are often the best guide we have in life and particularly when it comes to traffic and road safety.

Traffic Safety GA specializes in providing and installing traffic warning signs to help keep Georgia roads safe. We offer five different types of warning sign installations. Read on to learn more about our services.

  1. Municipal

Local governments have specific signage requirements. We are familiar with the state, county, and city standards for warning signs. Whether it be highway sponsorship signage to town entry signage, we are experts in providing warning signs for municipal purposes.

  1. Residential

The roads in our communities and neighborhoods deserve the same level of safety as major highways. Warning signs can help enforce school zone and community speeds within your neighborhood. We all rest a little easier knowing the streets our children play in are safe and well maintained.

  1. Commercial

As an outdoor shopping center or retail complex expands or hosts an event, warning sign installation helps keep these areas safe, easy to navigate, and under a controlled traffic pace. Commercial warning sign installation in partnership with local authorities, contractors and commercial real estate firms helps to maintain a professional and consistent appearance.  

  1. Department of Transportation (DOT)

We all depend on Georgia highway systems. Department of Transportation warning signage helps to create consistent standards for signage, that is visible no matter what the weather conditions are. Traffic Safety GA specializes in warning sign installation that ranges from monotubes, I-Beams, butterfly structures, and round breakaway posts that meet the DOT specifications.

  1. Federal

Traffic Safety GA consistently strives to meet all Federal requirements, that have been set forth by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, specifying the standards by which traffic signs are designed, installed and used.


No matter what type of warning sign you need, Traffic Safety GA can help. Give us a call today at 404-609-1181 for a free consultation and quote.