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You never know what could happen on the road. Whether you are driving on a highway you've never traversed before or made your daily commute for the thousandth time, unexpected conditions, mechanical failures, road obstructions, and the actions of other drivers can disrupt your plans. From blown tires to fender benders, there are countless ways you may suddenly find yourself on the side of the road in less-than-ideal conditions. 


That's why it's so important to understand the principles of road safety and to take advantage of all available safety equipment. One of the best tools you have in hazardous roadside conditions is the road flare. You can't trust other drivers to always see you, and you shouldn't leave anything to chance when it comes to your life. 


Many drivers don't fully understand the value of road flares. They don't know when to use them, why they should have them, and whether they are the right option in a particular situation. Fortunately, the experienced team at Marcala Road Flares was kind enough to agree to be interviewed, to discuss their products and give guidance to drivers curious about road flares. 


Take a few minutes to learn more about these potentially life-saving devices. And, as always, should you require any assistance with road safety equipment or services, feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting your needs. 



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What are the primary uses of road flares? 

To alert drivers/others of the on-going emergency and get assistance as safely and quickly as possible. Not only applicable on the roadway, but anywhere including the seaside, lakes, and camping.

For construction workers, they create more visibility on road signs, especially in low-visibility conditions or at night. We all know that not all drivers are completely aware of their surroundings, especially when it comes to road signs alerting them to lane changes, construction delays, construction work, and sign flaggers. The MARCALA LED flares are magnetic, so sticking these on vehicles, signs, or on the ground helps ensure more safety for them and more awareness for drivers. 


Who should keep road flares in their vehicle? 

Drivers should

Truck drivers, new teen drivers, drivers in general. It’s a great safety device for anyone to keep in their vehicle whether it’s for an emergency or just in case. It is also compact to keep in your smaller vehicles such as ATVs, motorcycles, jet skis, and more.


RV Enthusiasts

This is an essential item for RV lovers and those who often travel. There is nothing worse than breaking down during travels, that is why RV goers love our LED Flares. They are safe, chemical-free, and ready to go during any situation.


Definitely Hikers and Campers

Going hiking? Road flares are great for hikers going on long hikes or out camping. They keep the trails well lit and alert other hikers if you’re having trouble. 


What are some important tips for using road flares effectively? 

For the everyday driver, proper placement and use are key. We believe placing them appropriately is a must, that is why we created an entire guide that shows you how to properly place your LED flares during an emergency to maximize the effectiveness. Placement depends on various factors such as which way the traffic is going, one lane versus multiple lanes, two-way lanes, and other lane factors. The correct placement of our flares is heavily dependent on what situation you are currently in.

Always make sure the batteries are up to date and to have batteries readily available in your road pack. The MARCALA road flare kit includes extra batteries in the carry case.

For construction workers, following their own safety guidelines to set up a perimeter during working activities is a must. Not only the flares help set up the perimeter, but also bring attention to the ongoing operation for people that may not be aware. They are perfect to bring more visibility to roadside construction and emergency signs. 


How can drivers stay safe when placing road flares? 

Staying safe during an emergency is difficult - often your adrenaline is rushing, and it is hard to focus and make proper decisions. Here are some safety tips to follow: 

  1. First, make sure you pull your vehicle over as far onto the shoulder lane as possible. Before getting out, make sure the road is clear and you are safe to leave your vehicle. Have a plan!
  2. Immediately upon exiting your vehicle, find your LED flares, and be prepared to place them on the road. Wait until there are no cars oncoming and place the LED flares according to our MARCALA guidelines. Generally, the flares will be placed anywhere from 10-200 feet away from your vehicle if on a one-direction highway. 
  3. If you have other safety equipment like flashing lights and an emergency vest, make sure you have those on before you go out placing your flares. 
  4. Placement of LED flares varies with each situation, whether you are on a hill, curve, one or two direction highway and it is all explained on our e-guide included with our LED Flares. 


Do your road flares work in all weather conditions? 

The MARCALA LED flares are IP67 waterproof which means they are completely safe from rain, dust, and they float. They work exceptionally well during rain and low visibility conditions.

They also have a VERY strong magnet on the back that is recessed to stick on your vehicle without damage. The extremely strong magnet on our LED flares are made from a rare-earth element called Neodymium which allows our LED flares to stick on the side of your vehicle even while moving! This allows them to not fly away during high winds and storms.


What are the various types of road flares and how should someone go about selecting one to purchase? 

The traditional flare uses various chemicals to create a chemical reaction that makes a fire when used. Normally these flares last anywhere from 10-15 minutes as a one-time use. These flares are very dangerous as they give off chemical odors plus burn at very high temperatures.

On the other hand, our LED flares use high-intensity LEDs to replicate the open flame in traditional flares while being completely odorless, chemical-free, reusable, and flameless.

There are several similar LED flare kits on the market that have very similar uses. While they may be similar to ours, we pride our MARCALA kits on being the most complete emergency kits on the market. Not only do we include several flares, but we also include an emergency escape tool (window breaker and seatbelt cutter), a screwdriver tool to switch batteries at an instant, and a powerful whistle. Everything is included in a small and compact carry case to be kept anywhere around your vehicle and be able to get deployed within seconds. We believe you should have all the tools necessary during an emergency to compliment your LED Flares.


More about MARCALA

The MARCALA emergency roadside flares are the perfect tool for accident sites, breakdown scenes, and perfect to always keep with you no matter where you travel. Here are some of the reasons why we feel they are perfect for anyone to keep with them:

  • They are safe, chemical-free, and reusable as many times as your batteries will allow. The LEDs use very little power but shine extremely bright. Often, you can get up to 60 hours of continuous run-time with one single battery set.
  • Our flares come in a compact bag that keeps everything in one single location ready to use and easy to manage. They do not require any installation; they are ready to deploy once you receive them.
  • Each flare has 9 different lighting modes that allow you to choose the best light mode for your situation. Each lighting mode is designed to attract attention to you and not blind or confuse people. Perfect to be seen at extremely great distances (over 5200 feet) and even during low visibility conditions.


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