Autumn Road Work Zone Safety Recommendations

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Autumn is here, and it is clear.

Just look at the weather changes and the colors of the trees. Weather conditions are milder, and road construction is ramping up one last time before the winter weather season sets in. If your construction or contracting company is planning a roadwork project that requires traffic equipment rental, follow these tips to ensure your road work zone safety.

Be Prepared With a Solid Plan

At Traffic Safety GA we remind all clients of their responsibility in creating a safe environment for drivers and road workers. We are here to offer our traffic safety equipment rental to make your job easier. It is important for every road construction project to have a reliable and detailed plan. Some city and county governments may even require this plan to be approved. Our team of experts can ensure that your plan meets all the criteria. We include the proper details to protect your workers by safely conducting traffic pacing around or through the work zone. We also can help ensure you have a traffic control plan for inside the work zone that manages the flow of heavy equipment, construction vehicles, and workers.

Take Compliance Seriously

Compliance should come first this autumn when you shop for traffic safety equipment rental. All traffic control devices, whether it's cones, barrels, barriers or signs, should comply with the Federal Highway Administration's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) along with any state agency requirements. Adhering to these regulations will decrease the possibility of worksite accidents and fines.

Put Safety First

Did you know that short and daily safety meetings at the beginning of each workday have proven to decrease workplace accidents? Ensure that safety is the first topic on the minds of your workers with a short daily safety meeting. There are endless topics to discuss, and these short conversations can help your team to understand the proper use of traffic safety equipment rental and decrease avoidable accidents.


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