Channelizers Understanding how to use them for Traffic and Construction Safety

traffic safety

The Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices defines channelizers as “devices that are used to temporarily guide traffic on public roads.”

This definition is broad as it covers a number of devices. We’ve created the ultimate guide of channelizers as a reference for your business. Read on to get the facts.

Traffic Cones and Delineator Cones

These are the standard traffic cones, as well as thin delineator cones for narrow highways and street projects. When space is an issue our channelizer traffic cones and delineator cones are a great option.

Traffic Drums and Orange Construction Barrels

Traffic drums care lightweight and stackable, making them easy to move and store and come with comfort grip handles to ease of use in construction zones.

Vertical Panel Channelizers

Vertical panels are designed to withstand repeated impacts while keeping minimum damage to vehicles. The vertical panels are stackable and come with your choice of sheeting with or without the base for easy transportation or storage.

Crowd Control Barriers and Fencing

These are portable, durable, crowd control systems that work great as temporary, easy to install crowd control solutions for protecting pedestrians and guiding drivers through crowded areas. They are quick and easy set-up but still durable and provides high visibility boundaries.

If you have questions about which channelizer is best for your job site or event, contact our staff at We can help you select the best channelizer for your needs, as well as offer additional devices and services such as flagger operations and advanced warning signs.