Channelizing Devices: What They Are and How They Work

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I know what you're thinking: no, channelizing devices are not special TV remotes that allow you to instantly jump to your favorite channel without scrolling through endless options just by thinking about it (I'm sure someone is working on that). They are actually a type of traffic device used to channel traffic in a particular way. 


Think about rivers. Over the years we've learned to navigate, direct, and control their flow with dams and locks. In a similar way, channelizing devices control and direct traffic, while making navigation easier for everyone. Before we dive into types of devices, let's discuss why we use them to begin with. 


Making Traffic Control Easier and Safer

Traffic control is a 24-hour job. It is prohibitively expensive and unsafe to have people do all the work when it comes to directing traffic, which is why using channelizing devices makes so much sense. Drivers often have a hard time interpreting and reacting to changes in traffic patterns unless they are clearly marked. By directing them with the use of traffic devices, it's possible to eliminate many such instances of confusion. And by using devices in place of human traffic direction whenever possible, organizations can cut costs and protect workers.


Types of Traffic Channelizing Devices

OK, so what are channelizing devices? You might be imagining some complicated, futuristic technology, but in truth, most are devices were used to seeing on the road every day. Cones and barrels. Water barricades. Road plates. We've all seen these devices while driving, and they are the bread and butter of traffic channelizing. Their apparent simplicity hides the complex systems they help traffic engineers manage.


Where to Turn for Channelizing Devices

When purchasing traffic channelizing devices, it's important to choose a company that's known for reliable, high-quality products. That's why Traffic Safety is such a fantastic choice. We carry a broad range of channelizing devices to help you direct traffic and block walkways during pedestrian events. Start taking advantage of the many devices available today and get smart about directing the flow of traffic.