Finding The Right ATSSA Flagger in Georgia

traffic safety

The life of a flagger in Georgia isn’t always luxurious.

Flaggers are specific types of traffic control specialists who are certified by the American Traffic Safety Services Association to work on construction sites to help control traffic. Finding a certified flagger in Georgia is easy when you choose traffic control specialists from Georgia Traffic Safety.

Flaggers stand on their feet for long periods of time and use logic to control traffic to the best of their ability. Flaggers properly place traffic cones and use signs and various hand signals to communicate with motorists. Flaggers often stand in front of cars, sometimes in blazing heat or in the middle of the night, to ensure traffic flows smoothly.

Excellent training is required for traffic control specialists. In the state of Georgia, both flagger and traffic control supervisor training and certification are required. At Georgia Traffic Safety, our flaggers are certified by ATSSA and have met all of the course objectives for safe flagging including:

  • Understanding why proper flagger operations are important
  • Learning the standard skill-sets of a good flagger
  • Applying standard flagger control references
  • Identifying proper flagging signals and procedures
  • Learning standard flagger practices for various situations


One of the biggest skill-sets of successful flaggers is communication. Flaggers are in constant contact with fellow flaggers, during tasks such as closing lanes and directing the alternating one-way flow of traffic. As for communicating with passing traffic, flaggers need to know how to use of all their signaling devices including flags, signs, and paddles. This helps drivers understand how to get around a construction site safely. Flaggers must also be very alert and be able to anticipate safety hazards so they can work quickly to prevent them.


Your contracting company doesn’t need to go through the hassle of training staff to be flaggers. In Georgia, this role can be easily filled by professional and ATSSA certified flaggers of Georgia Traffic Safety. Call us today to find out how we can help your construction company have long-term success.