HEROs | Highway Emergency Response Operators

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Please note that this informational blog post is not directly affiliated with the Georgia DOT or the HERO program. For official information on the HERO program, click here.

"And they say that a hero can save us
I'm not gonna stand here and wait
I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles
Watch as we all fly away"

- Hero by Chad Kroeger, Spider-Man Soundtrack (2002)

Show Me a HERO 

While the lead singer of Nickelback may have had Spider-Man in mind when he penned those memorable lines, the truth is that most heroes don't shoot webs from their wrists or kiss Kirsten Dunst upside down. In the case of the Highway Emergency Response Operators (HEROs) of metropolitan Atlanta, real heroism is much more awesome than that. 

Let's start with the problem, which is a very serious one. If we were living in a monster movie, it would be Godzilla rising from the bay and getting ready to blast us all with atomic fire. I'm writing, of course, about the traffic situation in Atlanta. 

Traffic in Atlanta is the kind of topic, like taxes, that unfortunately never really goes out of style. For most of us, it's something to be avoided at all costs. For our HEROs, it's something to face head-on, fearlessly.

How HEROs Help You

HEROs respond to traffic incidents in the Atlanta metropolitan area. They work tirelessly to clear roads and keep traffic flowing smoothly. Additionally, they help drivers with everything from flat tires to fuel refills, ensuring their safe travel. While HEROs are not Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs), they do assist LEOs at accident scenes and during other situations. 

If you are in need of assistance in the Atlanta area, start by dialing 511. You may then select option 1 to request HERO motorist assistance. All HEROs are dispatched by the Georgia DOT. They are uniformed and will present their identification immediately upon request.

A Network of Heroes

While the HERO program is specific to Atlanta, there are a number of similar programs in other places nationwide. Examples include the Florida DOT Road Rangers and the New York State Highway Emergency Local Patrol (HELP). All of these programs operate with very similar goals in mind, working towards a safer, more efficient future for traffic systems across the country. 


The benefits of these programs are countless. They could be of great importance to you if you need assistance, so be sure to look into similar programs in your state. With the help of our traffic heroes, the time spent on the road could be a little easier and safer for everyone.