Holding Schools and Drivers Accountable for Traffic Safety

traffic safety

School is back in session which means our favorite family members are no longer in the household.

Instead, they are packing the desks of schools around the country. Each day when school begins and ends it’s natural for parents to worry about our children encountering traffic. Read on to learn more about how we can hold school and drivers accountable for traffic safety.

Warning Sign Installations

At Traffic Safety GA we understand the importance of proper warning sign installation in a school zone. If your child’s school doesn’t have school zone warning signs, it is important that you address this with your child’s school. Before school and after school, children are crossing, and reduced speeds can help to ensure safe passages for these youth.

MUTCD, PART 7 covers the rules and regulations for managing traffic within the school’s premises. The rules and standards set by the MUTCD talk about the appropriate design, maintenance, and application regarding all safety devices. This includes marking, signs, and signals together with other controls needed to ensure safety within the school zone. If your child’s school is not in compliance, your voice can make a difference.

Speed Limitation Signs

Speed limitations should be clearly posted and obeyed within school zones. While the allowed speed limits in school zones can vary in Georgia, the typical range is around 15 to 25 mph. Traffic signs are a great way to inform drivers of speeds in a given area. Speed limit signs should not be overused or underused, and schools can request police presence in these zones to ensure the speed limits are enforced.

Advanced Warning and Crosswalk Signs

Advance warning traffic signs are the best early warning systems that school zones can use to alter the behavior of drivers and direct pedestrians to interact with public roads safely. However, to ensure the overall safety of school zones, using warning signs with crosswalk signs is always advised.


At Traffic Safety GA we are committed to keeping children safe through the proper school zone and warning sign installation.