How to Create a Culture of Safety in Your Construction Company

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A company culture that is rooted in safety will require more than just reciting the phrase “Safety First.”

As a company, from upper management to job site workers, a strong safety culture must be engrained and practiced within your construction company. Our traffic safety store has a few tips to help you create a culture of safety in your construction company.

Put Safety Above All Else

Job site safety should be placed above everything else including costs, productivity, and timelines. Job site employees are the most valuable, so proving to them that their safety is your top concern on every project instills confidence and builds trust.

Ask any traffic safety store. They will assure you that by putting safety first helps to reduce costs and improve productivity on the job site. Accidents lead to cost overruns and project delays. Improving safety means fewer days lost due to accidents and injuries. A strong safety record can also help reduce insurance costs.

Make Time for Training

Properly training your workers is the easiest way to create a safety culture for your company. It shows your workers that you are committed to keeping them safe and healthy. Partnering with a traffic safety store can enhance training especially specialized equipment training including advance warning signs and channelizing devices. Training shouldn’t be a one-time event. Safety training should be a continuous and ongoing effort to help reinforce best practices. Ongoing training will help your workers better retain what they’ve been taught, and it keeps safety on top of their minds.

Hold Regular Safety Meetings

Separate from training, try holding regular and brief safety meetings before work begins each day to go over what tasks are scheduled to be performed. This is an excellent time to review what safety procedures should be followed. Be sure to address any concerns or issues and acknowledge the good practices observed from the prior day. A good traffic safety store can evaluate your safety culture and institute programs and procedures that reinforce your commitment to safety.


Forming a culture of safety isn’t complicated, especially when you partner with a traffic safety store like Traffic Safety GA. Give us a call today for more information.