How to Pass Your Georgia Driving Test

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Have you turned the appropriate age to drive and are eager to get on the road?

Traffic Safety GA knows the feeling. Driving is a huge responsibility and requires focus and skills. We want you to be safe on the roads. Our specialty is road and traffic safety. Our customers are our number one priority. If you’re wondering how to pass the Georgia driver’s test, rather young or older age, we can help. Continue reading for tips on how to pass the Georgia Driving Test.

Check off all the important points before operating the vehicle.

Adjust your mirrors, your seat position, steering wheel position, and of course fasten your seatbelt before leaving the parking lot. This will indicate to your administrator you are skilled enough to drive a vehicle. They will also need for you to know where your emergency flashers are, parking brake, windshield wipers and other necessary points in your vehicle that are essential to driving. Make sure you use your directional signals!

Keep your hands on the wheel!

Keep your hands on the wheel at all times when you are operating the vehicle. Your goal should be for the administrator to feel safe while you take the driving test. Keeping your hands on the wheel is a good habit when driving even after you're licensed. The proper hand position is at ten and two when holding the steering wheel. If you drive one-handed at the twelve o'clock position you will fail your test.

Stop at stop signs and properly change lanes.

Be sure to stop completely at every stop sign or lighted stop sign. Don’t stop quickly or roll through the stop sign, neither of these are good driving habits. Take your time and make sure you stop completely, especially behind that big white line in front of you. If you don't stop completely at a stop sign, you'll definitely lose points on your test. You can also get a ticket if you do this as a licensed driver and that ticket can come with some heavy fines and potential points on your license and a warning to your insurance company.

When changing lanes, make sure you turn your signal on, look in your side view mirror, over your shoulder, and if it is safe then you can start moving over into the lane. Once you’re in the lane you can turn your signal off.

Practice parallel parking.

This is a very important part of your driving test. Most beginners fail this part of their driver's test. Ensure you are prepared for this segment by locking down the steps before taking the test. Be sure to avoid hitting the traffic cones and check both mirrors when backing up to pass the test. Should you run over traffic cones while parallel parking or during your driving test you will lose points. Practice using traffic cones at home if possible when learning to parallel park.


Being attentive and showing you’re paying attention will go a long way when taking your driver’s test. Drive the speed limit and practice as much as possible before taking the test. For more information on our company and how we keep the roads safe, visit our website at