Keeping Georgia Shoppers Safe: A Traffic Safety Guide

traffic safety

Shopping malls in Georgia can expect to see record numbers of shoppers this December.

With larger crowds of holiday shoppers comes a greater responsibility to maintain safe conditions. At Traffic Safety GA, we understand that when it comes to large crowds safety begins as soon as they arrive on your premises. Here is our guide for keeping Georgia shoppers safe.

Plan for large crowds

Malls, outdoor shopping centers, and large chain retailers are expected to see the largest volume of shoppers. These crowds are a blend of children and adult shoppers who all gather to celebrate the holiday season and enjoy retail shopping. Sales tend to draw large crowds to these locations, so plan ahead based on the schedule of sales.

Use a traffic control specialist

Consult with a traffic control specialist such as the staff at Traffic Safety GA for insights on how best to avoid traffic delays. Simple strategies such as the use of cones and a crossing guard can enhance the safety of everyone.

Invest in traffic equipment

Having your own signage is important as rental equipment can be in high demand during the holiday season. The investment will guarantee your ability to control speeds and the pace traffic to your location on busy sale days with large crowds.

Hire parking lot security

It’s no secret that thefts increase during the holiday season. Parking lots are especially vulnerable places for shoppers to be targeted. Having an increased presence of security guards can help keep your shoppers safe as they enter and exit vehicles.


At Traffic Safety GA, we have all of the equipment, services, and our traffic control specialist onsite, to help you and your customers celebrate the holiday season safely. Feel free to contact us today for a consultation on how we can provide safety services and more for your holiday events and sales.