Movie and Television Traffic Control Policies You Should Know

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The Georgia Department of Transportation issues policies and procedures for granting permits to movie and television production companies.

This is done when they require the use of Georgia state highway systems. Here are a few policies your film production company should know.

  1. A Permit is Required

In order to obtain the Right of Way for film purposes, a permit issued by the district of traffic operations is required. The Right of Way permit isn’t guaranteed. The Georgia highways system is the lifeline for many Georgia residents. If the requested permit causes safety concerns or massive impacts on the flow of traffic, the permit may be denied. It is wise to plan ahead and apply for permits well in advance so that adjustments can be made in the event that the permit is denied. Your production company can also seek advice from traffic control companies in Georgia, such as the well-known Georgia Traffic Safety to get assistance with creating practical plans for obtaining permits.

  1. Notify Law Enforcement

After the permit is successfully obtained, local law enforcement officials must be notified of the intent to use the permit. Contacting the correct individuals can be challenging. Using a traffic control company is the best way to reduce the time spent locating local government and law enforcement officials for coordination purposes.

  1. Provide Proof of Insurance

Insurance limitations are set forth by the district in which the film will take place. Prior to filming, proof of insurance must be provided. Insurance and permits are not issued in cases where production requires the use of hazardous chemicals, obstruction of motorists after filming, or the use of liquids that can create slick conditions on road surfaces. Our team at Georgia Traffic Safety is the best option when you are searching for traffic control companies in Georgia. We have a network of insurance companies that we refer to movie and television production companies.


Georgia is a great location to film and when you hire a skilled traffic control company, the process of obtaining permits can be much easier. Trust our team at Georgia Traffic Safety with your film industry traffic control needs.