Part 1: What Do Traffic Safety Companies Do?

traffic safety

There is a perception among some that most operations related to traffic safety are performed by government entities. In fact, many of the traffic flagging, pacing, detour and other traffic safety operations you see every day are performed by private companies – with approval from and often in collaboration with local authorities, of course. But what are traffic safety companies? What do they do? What kind of services do they provide?

If you’ve ever been curious about this niche of the greater transportation world, look no further; we’ll provide a few handy examples of the kind of services traffic safety companies provide, and explain why these types of services are best left to the professionals. Let’s jump right in.

Event Safety

There are few times when traffic safety services are more critical than during large events such as concerts and sporting events. These events bring a lot of fun to their attendees and fans, but they also bring a heaping helping of traffic to the local area, creating congestion, and potentially dangerous road conditions. It is absolutely essential for large event organizers to retain the services of a reliable, properly-trained traffic safety team to handle event safety with regard to traffic logistics, in order to keep traffic flowing smoothly and ensure all of the event attendees are able to arrive, park, and depart safely.

Lane and Road Closures

While lane and road closures aren’t something anyone particularly loves, they are simply an essential part of traffic infrastructure. Think about road repairs, for example. No one likes driving over potholes, but, at the same time, no one likes dealing with road closures while crews fix those potholes. You can’t please everyone all of the time. Lane and road closures are the perfect example of that dilemma, and, while they may, at times, inconvenience drivers, it is essential that they be conducted in the safest, most effective way possible.

Detour Design and Setup

Detours and lane and road closures go hand in hand. A properly designed detour does as much as is possible to keep traffic flowing smoothly, despite a closure, and that level of careful design requires the knowledge and expertise of an experience traffic control company. Designing a detour isn’t as simple as just putting up a sign that says, “Go a different way.” A lot of different factors have to be considered, and particular requirements met, for a detour to be approved and work as intended.

Advanced Warning Sign Installation

Advanced warning signs are a key tool in the traffic safety toolbox, but, like detour signs, you can’t just put them up willy nilly. Warning signs need to be placed in the right location to provide drivers with the information they need at precisely the moment they need it. That’s exactly the kind of service an experienced traffic safety company can provide.

Be Sure to Check Back for Part 2

Reputable traffic safety companies like Traffic Safety GA provide even more traffic control and safety services than those we covered above. Check back later this month for part two of our two-part series covering the ins and outs of professional traffic safety.