Part 2: What Do Traffic Safety Companies Do?

traffic safety

In the first part of our two-part article series that answers the question ‘what are traffic safety companies?’ we explored several of the main services provided by private companies working in the traffic safety space. In this follow-up, we’ll dive even deeper, looking at four more examples of the services provided by credible traffic safety service providers. Let’s start with a big one: traffic pacing.

Traffic Pacing

The purpose of traffic pacing is, in the simplest terms, exactly what it sounds like: to pace and control the flow of traffic for a particular purpose. Maybe traffic needs to be paced because of a construction project. Maybe there is a concert or other event that necessitates the careful planning and control of an advanced traffic pacing operation. Whatever the need may be, this is where a professional traffic safety company can make all the difference. The right training and proper implementation of a traffic pacing plan can spell the difference between smoothly-flowing traffic and an absolute logjam.

Flagging Operations

You’ve almost certainly seen traffic flagging crews at work, but perhaps you never knew the complexity and importance of their work. Lives quite literally depend on traffic flaggers doing their job correctly, and that job simply cannot be left to amateurs. Not only is there a real risk when it comes to improper traffic flagging, there are also stringent Department of Traffic (DOT) requirements put in place to control and mitigate risk, which means that working with a reputable traffic safety company for your traffic flagging operations is truly essential.

Film Industry Services

From chase scenes to epic brawls in the middle of the street, Hollywood gets a lot of mileage out of our roads on the big screen. But unless those shots are fully green screened, they have to shut down streets in order to get them. Traffic safety companies are brought in by film studios to ensure those closures are handled correctly, protecting the film crew, pedestrians, and drivers alike.

Traffic Control Drawings

To ensure the safety of the public and the smooth flow of traffic, all traffic control drawings should be thorough, detail-oriented, and in total compliance with all government regulations. The easiest way to ensure that is the case is to work with a dependable and experienced traffic safety company. From Temporary Traffic Control Plans (TTCPs) to Transportation Management Plans (TMPs) and the traffic studies that form the foundation of construction projects that will necessitate interfacing with traffic systems, an experienced traffic control company can provide traffic control drawings that simplify the entire process from start to finish and keep everything on the right track.

The Professional Difference

As you’ve seen in parts one and two of our article series on traffic safety companies, professionalism and experience make all the difference. When it comes to hiring a company for traffic control services, it’s absolutely critical that you work with a dependable partner like Traffic Safety GA, that has an existing relationship with law enforcement and the DOT and the knowledge and expertise to ensure your traffic operation is a success. Ultimately, what traffic safety companies do is help keep people safe on the road. And that’s something we all can get behind