Take Care of Your Pets As the Days Get Shorter

traffic safety

The numbers are in and the world agrees: pets are awesome. Our furry friends love us in spite of our flaws and give us a great reason to put our phones down for more than five seconds, unlike pretty much anything else. 

As we enter the fall season, you may want to look up from your phone to take note of one other phenomenon: the days are getting shorter and light is in short supply. This makes walking your pet more hazardous, which is why it's so important to remember a few essential tips to keep your animal safe.

Facing the Dangers Paw in Hand

Dogs love to walk (as do some cats). They love walking almost as much as they love eating, if not quite. When dealing with shortened days, simply staying inside is not an option. After all, when a person gets stir crazy they can turn on their TV. When a dog gets stir crazy, they start eating the furniture. 

Keep your furniture like the petrified fruitcake that materializes on your counter every holiday season: uneaten. Walk your dog without fear, but with an abundance of caution. Always be aware of where you and your pet are in relation to traffic. Keep them on a short leash, literally, and wear reflective clothing or tape. We’ve also found lighted leashes and collars that aren’t just fashionable, but rather illuminating.

Keep your pet's size in mind as well. It's much easier to see an Irish Wolfhound than it is to spot a Yorkie. One option for smaller pets is to carry them in a pack on your chest or find some fashion-forward carriers. Whether it’s a pooch pouch or an enclosed dog stroller, it will ensure you keep your pet close at all times (I've also heard it's a great way to meet other people who wear dogs on their chests). With these tips at your disposal, you'll be ready to keep your pooch safe in low-visibility conditions.