Three Innovative Tips to Reduce Traffic in Georgia

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Cities all around the country are evolving and becoming more and more innovative every year.

Atlanta, GA should be among the top of these places, and it can be if we put in more effort in getting creative. There are many things that we can change in Atlanta. Some of our biggest problems include a lack of proper traffic pacing, our lack of proper use of public transportation, and our lack of advanced warning sign installations. These are problems, that if we solve soon, will make this city more innovative and smart thinking. Here are just a few ways that these changes would help our community.

Better Use of Traffic Pacing

This would allow for drivers to have a stress free drive to wherever they're going without the constant concern of traffic. Traffic in Atlanta is already among the worst in the country, so this concept would not only allow for better personal travels but better traffic flow overall. There are companies out there that aim to help control traffic to make driving less stressful and safer for everybody.

Appropriate Use of Public Transportation

Right now Atlanta is among the worst traffic cities in the world. With the appropriate use of the Marta public transportation system, there would be fewer people on the road which would prevent traffic build up. Efficient use of public transportation will not only save the passenger time and money but also save the earth.

Installment of More Advanced Warning Signs

These are signs that provide drivers with proper warnings and indicate that there is a potential hazard, obstacle or condition requiring special attention ahead. More installations of signs like these will give drivers more time to appropriately address the problem ahead of them.


To make Atlanta Georgia among the most innovative cities, we must make better use of traffic pacing, better use of public transportation, and install more advanced warning signs. These improvements will make life much smoother for Georgians and a lot more enjoyable for tourists from out of state.