Traffic Safety Supplies 5 Way They Saves Lives

traffic safety

The average driver doesn’t think about how traffic safety supplies help to saves lives.

Here at Traffic Safety GA, we are in the business of making roads safer for drivers, roadway workers, and pedestrians. Read on to learn more about how we fulfill our mission to save lives and advance traffic safety services throughout Georgia.

  1. Education

When businesses shop for traffic safety supplies, they are usually unaware of exactly what they need. At Traffic Safety GA, we believe in empowering our clients with the knowledge they need to make a great decision about selecting and using traffic safety equipment. We are passionate about traffic safety and can answer questions such as “who invented the traffic cone” and “how many traffic cones will I need for my job site”

  1. Standardization

The Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) sets the standards and regulations for all traffic safety supplies. This helps to ensure that drivers, roadway works and pedestrians can expect uniformity on the road no matter the city or state. Businesses are not expected to know the regulations as provided by MUTCD but a traffic safety supply store is expected to maintain traffic safety by staying abreast of MUTCD updates.

  1. Channelization

Channelization has nothing to do with your television. Channelization is the art of orchestrating and navigating drivers, roadways, and pedestrians through construction sites, hazardous areas, and traffic incident zones.  Without channelization, we will experience most traffic and increased accidents. Popular channeling devices include channelizing cones, traffic barrels, and even crowd control barriers. Using channeling devices is not as intuitive as it seems. MUTCD also sets standards for the use of these devices including accessories such as sandbags, reflective collars, and bases.


If your business is in the market for traffic safety supplies, it is important that you consult with a professional traffic safety company, because traffic safety is everyone’s responsibility and our specialty.