Yes, You Do Need to Address the Lights Blinking On Your Dash

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Everyone knows the feeling. The weekend has arrived. At long last, you'll be able to put on your most comfortable pair of pajamas (ignoring the much less comfortable pajamas that you keep around for contrast). There is absolutely nothing that will prevent you from watching college football all Saturday, or finally trying that restaurant, or-what is that?

It flashes on your dashboard like a signal from another planet, a world of pure frustration and annoyance. What does it mean? How many times did it blink? I just did that, so what could this be? Yes, that's right. Your car is talking to you. It's saying, "no my friend, you will absolutely not watch that high-stakes SEC matchup. You can't drive to try that chicken place if you can't drive!"

While your first instinct may be to sigh or to place a smiley face sticker strategically over that glimmering point of pain, I urge you to reconsider. Yes, just like you had to eat your broccoli as a child, just like taxes won't do themselves, just like you have to attend the wedding of someone you only speak to twice a year, yes you really do have to take care of a little maintenance. You really have no choice, my friend. The holiday season is coming and car maintenance is that one annoying task that you just can’t avoid.

A Little Holiday Car Maintenance Won't Hurt Too Much

The holidays are fun, joyous, and, it's true, often a little stressful. They disrupt our routines and send us scrambling to pick up friends and loved ones from airports, to drive to distant stores, to pile into family vehicles for rendezvous at designated homes. While you may prepare your body for this arduous task by eating like a bear before hibernation, you don't want to leave your vehicle unprepared.

Some basic car maintenance you should consider: 

  • Checking on your brakes
  • Tire pressure and wear - tire pressure tends to go down with the cooling temperatures
  • Checking your oil and getting that oil change done before long treks to grandma’s
  • Fluids - yes, your car needs to stay hydrated like you
  • Brake lights, turn signals, and headlamps - stay visible, my friend!

Handling essential auto care will bring you comfort and a sense of security as you get ready to celebrate this special time of year. So when you see that light pop up on your dash, don't sweat it. Even Santa works on his sleigh each year; they charge too much at Elf Boys.


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